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          For several years, our customers have got broad consensus: Buying from RIBO is a correct choice and a kind of assurance. RIBO Parts Warranty is a commitment to maintain high quality, dependability and reliability.
          We have detailed warranty policy for our major products ignition coils, alternators and starters.
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          Lean 5S - Shitsuke (í░Sustainí▒)
          By Oskar Olofsson Introduction to the Final 5S Step Shitsuke is the fifth and final step of the 5S method. It means í░sustainí▒ or í░sustained disciplineí▒. It is a Japan...  >> Read more
          Car No-start Troubleshooting
          by Vlad Samarin I receive many questions on vehicle no-start problems. In this page I have tried to write down some simple tips that may help you to find out why your...  >> Read more
          Troubleshooting Anti-Theft System
          Anti-theft systems are designed to deter auto theft. Most do a pretty good job of doing just that. But anti-theft systems also cause a lot of annoying problems when the...  >> Read more
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